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Back Pain

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Back Pain

There are different types of back pain that people may experience and we categorise these as Acute and Chronic low back pain.

Acute Back Pain:


Acute back pain is usually temporary and often caused by a sudden injury or strain on the structures in the lower back. This type of pain typically lasts for a few days to a few weeks and may in most-cases self-resolve without any other intervention.
There are certain cases where by Acute low back pain may cause severe symptoms and result in loss of mobility, difficulty with function which may in turn even affect a patient’s ability to sleep or carry out day to day activities.
Physiotherapy can play an important role in the Acute stage of recovery especially in helping you optimise your movement patterns. At our clinic, after the initial assessment to rule out other possible conditions, our experienced physiotherapists will tailor your treatment to your specific needs. A Chartered Physiotherapist has an extensive tool-box of methods to utilise such as hands-on techniques (manual therapy), ultrasound, acupuncture (needle, laser or electric) and strapping/taping. Alongside any of the above treatments, a progressive exercise program will be prescribed to help improve mobility and reduce muscle tightness. The above factors are crucial to every patient’s recovery and in avoiding recurrence of your condition.

Chronic Back Pain:


Chronic Low back Pain on the other hand, persists for longer periods, usually beyond three months. IChronic low back pain can be caused by many factors whether this is postural (caused slouching or sitting for long periods). As this can also put unnecessary strain on the back muscles, joints and ligaments, it can also lead to pain. Injuries from accidents or falls can also be another cause of back pain whether the result is a traumatic fracture or ligament sprain, physiotherapy can also help with your long term recovery. Structural causes of chronic back pain may be due to degenerative or inflammatory conditions. These may include Spondylosis, Nerve root impingement, disc prolapse, Spondylolisthesis (slipping of vertebrae), Osteoporosis as well as Ankylosing Spondylitis to name a few.
At BA Physiotherapy, we first aim to undertake a thorough assessment in order to understand the cause of your back pain and even if there are structural changes we cannot address, we aim to look at the secondary symptoms and problem areas that we can get to and address in order to improve your posture, movement patterns and thus help to alleviate pain.

Physiotherapy Treatment Of Back Pain

Physiotherapy is proven through research to be an effective treatment option for both Acute and Chronic back pain and the outcomes in patient with vs without physiotherapy intervention continually show reduced recovery periods, shorter loss of work days and a reduction in disability. At BA Physiotherapy, we work with our patient collaboratively and our goal of treatment is to decrease pain, enhance mobility, and improve overall quality of life. We utilise a combination of exercises, electrotherapy, manual therapy, and education to help our patients with their symptoms. We also work on preventative programs addressing posture and biomechanics (including insole prescription) to prevent future issues. The focus of treatment is enhance your quality of life by allowing you to be able to carry out your day to day activities with minimal disruptions. We believe in a collaborative approach to treatment.

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