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Knee Pain

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Knee Pain

Knee pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including injury, overuse, mechanical issues or underlying medical conditions. The symptoms of knee pain may vary depending upon the cause, however common symptoms can include stiffness, swelling, weakness, giving-way and difficulty in bearing weight/ walking. Knee pain can occur at any age and no matter the cause a thorough Physiotherapist assessment and treatment plan can facilitate a quicker recovery.  

By the age of 60 years, 80% of people have signs and symptoms of age related changes in their joints, this is called osteo-arthritis(OA). We commonly see patients suffering with knee pain caused by OA changes. The symptoms often include swelling, warmth, grating/ clicking  noises, restriction of movement and pain on walking. OA changes are a normal part of aging (like grey hair and wrinkles) and do not not need to be painful or problematic.

It is not only the over 60’s that experience knee pain. Overload and biomechanical issues can occur from childhood and sometimes worsen during puberty and growth spurts. Young people and those who participate in regular sport can experience injuries to the soft tissues of the knee including the ligaments, meniscus (washers of the knees) and tendons. There are many other structures in the knee that can become irritated and cause pain which can be identified, assessed and treated by an experienced Physiotherapist.  

Most knee problems can be helped by a Chartered Physiotherapist. In our clinic a detailed assessment will be performed to determine the pattern and history of symptoms. The joints, ligaments, cartilages (menisci) and muscles will all be examined. We will assess balance, proprioception and functional movements relating to your injury  to determine the cause of the problem and devise the most appropriate course of treatment that can include, Taping, Manual therapy and massage, tailored exercise prescription and electro-therapies. In some instances we will suggest alternative treatment options including acupuncture, 3D gait analyis, custom orthotics or Ostenil joint injections. It may be necessary to refer you for imaging ( Xrays and MRI scans: which we can organise privately or refer you to your General Practicioner’s care.

You do not require a Gp referral to come to see one of our experienced team to assess your knee pain.