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3D Gait Analysis

Dynamic 3D Gait Assessment Scan

Our specialist physiotherapists, Rou and Andrea are trained to undertake Dynamic gait analysis using our state-of-the-art 3D foot scanner. As one of the only clinics in the area with a footscanner, we are able to assess our patients more objectively. We get data from your feet through the sensors in our scanner and will be able to highlight the cause of your pain. Your scan results will allow us to offer tailor-made rehabilitation programmes.

Why is Gait Analysis important?

As individuals we all have differences in our foot biomechanics and how load is distributed within the foot. Excessive pressure or a lack of optimal load distribution can result in biomechanical stresses that can lead to heel, toe, foot, ankle, hip, leg and back pain.

Previous gait assessments have been carried out through eyeballing without accurate data. We are please to introduce dynamic 3d assessments powered Footscan which will enable us to undertake an indepth analysis of your gait.

Following your assessment, we will be able to tailor your rehabilitation programme to you based on real time data.

Benefits of 3D Scan Gait analysis:

  • Information is based in real time
  • Pressure date for every zone and part of your foot.

Frequently asked questions by our patients

How much does it cost:

Our gait scans cost £75.

We can organise a a pdf report to be sent to your email

We can work with you to target the factors that may be affecting your gait. These can include muscle imbalances or balance problems. If we feel you need orthotics, we can also refer you to our Phits service which gives you the option to have custom made orthotics to correct your gait.